Bob Baker Marionette Theater

projectLIFTLA is proud to partner with the Bob Baker Marionette Theater to support their ongoing educational programs, artistic development, and experiential learning.

Opened in 1963, the Bob Baker Marionette Theater (Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument #958) is the largest and oldest ongoing puppet theater in the United States and the physical embodiment of puppetry legend Bob Baker’s life work. Crafting fantastical puppets for film & television, Disney and department stores, and creating sophisticated and enchanting entertainment for children of all ages, Bob Baker touched the hearts and imaginations of millions.

Through our partnership the theater will continue serving over 60,000 guests each and every year. The expansion and development of its programs during the partnership with projectLIFTLA will allow the theater to properly support, grow, and sustain new educational opportunities that will bring in audiences both new and old to appreciate and learn from the ever-expanding selection of performances and offerings from the staff and puppeteers.

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